“When I see an Alfa Romeo drive by, I raise my hat.” – Henry Ford

The quote by Henry Ford summarizes the profound work and impact this Italian automaker has on the world. With over 100 years of creating history, Alfa Romeo started their incredible journey as a French company situated in Italy in 1910 and worked hard to establish their legacy by forming a strong racing heritage with countless wins which also led to the discovery of a young racer known as Enzo Ferrari.

Alfa Romeo has achieved an arsenal of wins, including German Touring Car Championship, World Sportscar Championship. Several Grand Prix, Le Mans, the Mille Miglia during 1928, and the World’s Best Motor Race, just to mention a few. The quote by Henry Ford also demonstrates the craftmanship that went into every Alfa Romeo, creating pure works of art, such as the 1965 GTA, the 1962 original Guilia, and the 1924 P2.

Being as flamboyant as an Italian can be, Alfa Romeo managed to pour their heart and soul into every single creation and placed focus on aesthetics and ensuring that their everyday models, including the Bretta, 156, and 155, were absolutely jaw-dropping. Alfa Romeos are also renowned for their questionable reliability and quirks, but we honestly don’t care. They’re elegant, graceful, and undeniably beautiful.

The Legends

What is an automotive icon? Can it be an aesthetically pleasing car that blows your mind? It is the performance which defines an era? How about a rich racing history? In the case of Alfa Romeo, they possess legendary cars from each group. The most iconic Alfa Romeo cars are essentially the ones that managed to change history for the better. In modern history, this includes cars like the C4, 8C, 156, Brera, GTA, and the Guilia. All of them commercial success that managed to grow the company even further. Going back several decades, cars like the Disco Volante, Duetto, 6C1750, Turbolare Zagato, Stradale, P3, 8C2900, and Alfetta all bring back phenomenal memories of this amazing Italian brand when it defined Italian style and sexy design.

Race Cars

Alfa Romeo has successfully competed in several different categories when it comes to motorsport, such as sportscar racing, rallies, touring car racing, Formula One, and Grand Prix motor racing. The company has competed both as an engine supplier and constructor. In 1913, Alfa Romeo made its first race car. Three years after the inception of A.L.F.A, the 6 litre straight 4 engine with 60 HP. The company established a good name in motorsport rather quickly, winning multiple championships across various categories. Some of the most iconic race cars included the 1936 Tipo C 8C-35, 1968 T33/2 ‘Le Mans’, 1970 GTAm, and the 1969 T33/2 Spyder.

Concept Cars

Alfa Romeo is certainly not afraid to let soul and aesthetics take over either. The company is truly passionate about creating a beautiful flow of body sheet to get your attention. Simply take a look at the range of prototypes produces over the last few years to get a real sense of the company. For instance, the 1969 Iguana Concept, the 2013 Disco Volante, or the 2006 Diva Concept.

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