What can lay the foundation for the birth of a genuine automobile company? That foundation may come from the leaps of technological leaps (such as Tesla or Rimac) or be initiated by the big guys like Hyundai and Lexus. Today, I want to write about the first automobile brand of Vietnam with the name VinFast.

If you think that financial potential cannot create an automobile company, you should think again, because in my mind, VinFast is the best example. VinFast company was established after approving complex business plans based on SWOT analysis, market research and competitive evaluation. Welcome, VinFast.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho VinFast ô tô

With the vision of becoming “Southeast Asia’s leading vehicle manufacturer”, VinFast is the first Vietnamese automobile company and led by James DeLuca – a former Vice President of General Motors.

VinFast has a Research and Development team and production facilities in Vietnam, but most of the VinFast technologies used have been applied in many parts of the world. The company has partnered with Siemens, Bosch, Magna International, Pininfarina, BMW and many other partners.

The most amazing thing about VinFast is the company’s cooperation with BMW in the production of the first cars. The cars are not only the first achievement of VinFast, but it is also clearly the first time Vietnamese products are displayed at the Paris Motor Show.

Not only that, according to data from AutoCar in the UK, VinFast cars – a sedan and an SUV – are based on the previous generation BMW models, the BMW 5 Series and BMW X5.

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We do not know more about the name of VinFast’s car because the company only calls two new cars Sedan and SUV. We can know more when the Paris Motor Show takes place.

I can imagine that this car is simply built with 3D models and then applied to the production process. Although VinFast has bought a license to build vehicles based on BMW platform, the company still needs to develop features to help the car fit into the modern automotive market and regulation. In general, the F10 and F15 lines are no longer new.

Head of Vehicle Engineering, Kevin Fisher, said VinFast has adjusted a lot of structures and improved pedestrian protection. With these changes, the cars clearly followed the rules of cars in the world and brought outstanding safety standards.

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