The origins of Audi’s name stems from the Latin translation of August Horch’s last name. “Horch” translates to “listen” in German and in Latin it means Audi. The four rings found within the Audi logo represent the four automobile companies that merged together to create its predecessor company known as Auto Union. There’s no denying that Audi develops some of the most extraordinary engines across the globe. With that in mind, we decided to compile a list of the best Audi vehicles of all time.

1. Aui Quattro: 1980 – 1991

Quattro means four in Italian, and it’s the name that was given to the first production car from Audi that featured AWD. This was also the first AWD car that featured a turbo engine. This car dominated the Rally circuits and managed to win a total of 8 World Rally Championships thanks to its turbocharged engine and AWD system.

2. Audi R8: 2006 – Present

Our list will not be complete without mentioning the R8. The polarising looks and the advanced aluminium frame on Audi’s R8 has made it one of the most sought-after sports vehicles on the market today. The R8 name was taken from the R8 LMP prototype and is based on the platform of Lamborghini’s Gallardo. The R8 is considered one of the best handling cars in the world and also the most beautiful.

3. DKW Monza: 1956

Utilising an ultra-lightweight body made from plastic along with an Auto Union chassis, the DKW Monza managed to set a total of 5 world records in Italy on the Monza racecourse. This small built sports car was extremely popular in the United States where it only made 44 horsepower. However, due to its lightweight body, it could reach a speed of up to 140km/h.

4. Horch 26/65: 1907

The Audi company we all know and love today is the final stage of Auto Union AG. There was initially a group of 4 car companies in Germany that made significant contributions to the evolution and engineering of the automobile during the 1900’s. The Horch 26/65 was the first production car that featured a six cylinder engine. The car was extremely popular in both racing and production.

5. Audi RS6/RS6 Avant: 2002 – Present

The Audi RS6, along with its wagon counterpart (Avant) have the motoring industry a vehicle that boasts with super-car power in a well-tailored suit. Audi produced the most powerful car in their second generation RS6 which provided a staggering 571hp. This power was insane in a family car which made it extremely popular across the globe.

6. Audi TT: 1998 – Present

The Audi TT received its name from the famous Isle of Man Tourist Trophy (TT). It was first presented in 1995 and went into production three years later. Initially, the Audi TT received negative comments from the motor industry due to several high-speed accidents. However, thanks to a rear spoiler and an improved electronic stability system, it quickly redeemed itself.

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