Fans of the Xbox console or first-person shooter games in general will probably never forget the Halo: Combat Evolved. Halo science fiction story will take you to a distant future, the time when humanity must resist the invasion of Earth by the outer space army. The Pillar Of Autumn space ship is under the onslaught of the Covenant race. The tense situation forced the captain to awaken Master Chief warriors from hibernation.

Standing alongside the crew, the strong warrior with extremely sturdy armor successfully defended the ship’s artificial intelligence – Cortana. Later, he and several members fled to Halo, a planet with a clean atmosphere and diverse ecosystems but something very mysterious… At this point, the Covenant forces are fast set foot in Halo and turn this planet into a fierce battlefield …

In the game, beyond the adventures of Master Chief, a toy for more than a decade has become a cultural icon of the gaming world, which is a jeep carrying a futuristic futuristic shape named Warthog. And in his own project, the gamer and mechanic nicknamed Bryanthavercamp turned the 1984 Chevrolet K10 pickup truck like this. Achievements, are cars that fans Halo must be stunned and want to climb test drive immediately

Back in June 2016, information about an extremely upgraded version called Halo Custom Edition SPV3 caused a stir in the community that loved Master Chieft. This is an overall reform product for the first Halo game on a PC. After 1 year, the development team has just continued to release a new version, improving every aspect from graphics, gameplay and really looks great.

Halo Custom Edition has added weapons, added enemies, vehicles, new areas for players to explore. In addition, the group also sent a few Easter Eggs to make the game more interesting.

This new version interferes with the frames shown for the physics simulation of the game, so it will give you a sense of smooth movement in the environment. It is known that the Halo version: The Combat Evolved can operate at 60 frames per second, so its physical simulation feature is quite powerful.

Germany is the cradle of the automobile industry, the birthplace and the foundation of the development of the world automobile industry. As Europe’s largest economy, Germany contributes greatly to the prosperity of the old continent. The country tops the region with more than 110 billionaires of dollars.

With over 80 millions people and owning many leading brands in the world, Germany is famous for its product quality. In 2017, according to Statista’s survey and research with nearly 50,000 people, goods are stamped with “Made in Germany” with the highest reliability with an absolute score of 100.

Since birth, the Germans have always led the car segment to the global. Market share reached 80% in 2018, according to ResearchandMarket data, far ahead of many rivals Japan or America. In which BMW occupies an overwhelming market share in Europe, the most rigorous place in the world is typically the withdrawal of automakers to Japan.

Another testament to the leadership of the German auto industry, if you pay attention to the reality of the world’s largest luxury firms. Most are born in the UK, but are run by Germans. Like how Rolls-Royce is under BMW. Beneath the traditional classic is a series of the most modern technology in the world that has been put on the Rolls-Royce news.

The key to quality is that German firms are very limited in assembling outside Europe. If so, it must meet very strict standards. For example, the most important parts such as chassis, engines, and drives are mostly made in Germany. After that, spare parts are assembled on site or shipped components to factories around the world and produced a finished car. This is the reason that every German brand car is always appreciated for operation as well as safety.

“The quality of German cars has been proven for hundreds of years. It will be good if you are interested in differences, class and safety of yourself. Each German firm has its own way to conquer. For example, like feeling of driving, passion for speed and being rich in personality, you should choose BMW.

The most luxurious cars in the world created from high quality materials and leading technology will make you feel surprised. Produced from high-quality materials, leading technology creates the utmost comfort and luxury that are the reasons for the most luxurious cars in the world to be sold at great prices and make many people wish to own.

Lamborghini Veneno supercar
In 2016, the supercar was sold on JamesEdition classifieds site for a price of $ 5.5 million. This rare car has only 9 cars in the world. The car for sale is the 2014 version and rolls 90 km. The car makes many people feel enthralled by owning the world’s leading assembly and interior technology.

The origin of the name Veneno is taken from the name of a good cow. It is true that this supercar gives us a strong and powerful feeling like a bull.

The body is made with lightweight carbon and aluminum material, so the car’s volume decreases to the maximum. Lamborghini Veneno Roadster is really very attractive because it is equipped with V12 engine, 6.5 liter capacity, up to 750 horsepower combined with 7-speed ISR gearbox.

Arab car Lykan Hypersport
In 2012, the Lykan Hypersport was produced by the company W Motors headed by Ralph R Debbas. And this is also the first supercar of Saudi Arabia. At the 2013 International Qatar Motor Show, this supercar was launched and attracted many interested people. This super sports car has appeared in the blockbuster movie Fast & Furious 7.

With a selling price of up to 3.4 millions, this car can make many people feel surprised. But that price is quite worthy and reasonable because of the limited number of production vehicles in the number 7. Not only that, the details on the car are gold plated, extremely luxurious diamonds.

LED headlights of 420 diamond car applique, with a total weight of up to 15 carats. The details of the interior are sewn with gold thread. The number 7 in the rear of the car is inspired by the symbol “V”. In Arabic, this is a number that brings good luck and goodness.

Kia Telluride 2020, the brother variant of Hyundai Palisade 2020 has been officially revealed and become Kia’s biggest model.

This is a suitable car for customers who want to find an 8-seat luxury SUV, 3 rows of seats with impressive width and comfort. In addition, the performance of Kia Telluride also brings a sense of excitement and excitement.

The trend of increasing popularity of general SUVs and luxury SUVs in particular is happening all over the world. Recently at the 2019 North American International Auto Show, Kia has officially launched its luxury SUV, Kia Telluride, after revealing information at Brandon Maxwell’s fashion show last September. United States.

Vehicles are expected to win rivals such as Ford Explorer 2020, Toyota Highlander, 2020 Honda Pilot, Volkswagen Atlas or Subaru Ascent in the near future.

Telluride 2020 first generation will be assembled at Kia Motors Manufacturing factory in the US and is expected to be available at KIA dealers by the end of the year. The price of this luxury SUV has yet to be revealed.

On the exterior of the car, Kia Telluride 2020 looks great. With this measure, the car possesses the most massive appearance in the world today, not many competitors can match this impressive size.

The top of the vehicle is especially masculine and pits with the characteristic tiger-nose grille, the two sides are square headlamps symmetrical with grille. Below, the wind doors and fog lamps are designed with many square and rectangular details making the overall head of the car more harmonious with the beautiful masculine features.

The body is synchronized when the door handle and taillights are designed in the same color. The big side of the car increases the masculinity of the car, below is the set of tire parameters 245 / 50R20 with the size of 20-inch wheels. In addition, the wide and sleek wheel covers, the glossy black paint help the Kia Telluride become more solid and firm.

Over the course of more than 80 years of history, Porsche has now become one of the most successful luxury car manufacturers in Europe, with a range of quality products. The first Porsche sports electric car named Taycan will be sold by the end of 2019. The four-door electric car with Porsche’s sporty appearance was first released to the public at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2015 called Mission E.

Now this model will be officially named Taycan. According to Porsche, this name is derived from Turkey, which means “active young horse” similar to the logo of the automaker.

Thanks to two sets of electric motors that produce more than 600 horsepower, Taycan can accelerate to 96km / h in less than 3.5 seconds. If other electric cars can’t speed up many times because the battery is too hot, then Taycan, Porsche promises continuous acceleration is possible. The maximum speed that the car can reach up to 250km / h.

Porsche also added that, with just one full charge, Taycan could travel about 480 km. With 15 minutes of fast charging, the distance that Taycan can travel is 385km.

Porsche is now working with several partners to build 500 fast charging stations on national highways throughout the United States. In addition, Porsche also collaborated with other automobile manufacturers, including BMW and Ford, to build more charging points across Europe.

Porsche executives say that following Taycan, there will be many other electric cars in the future. Porsche now plans to invest $ 7 billion from now until 2022 for electric cars, doubling its original investment. Taycan sports electric car will be sold at the end of 2019, with the expected price of 80,000 USD to 90,000 USD.

No stranger to the name Porsche in the automobile manufacturing market full of different old brand names. After being officially launched in 1930, this car company has gradually built up its name, as well as its position in the market. Through many ups and downs Porsche has become a monument of luxury sports cars.

Along with the development of self-driving technology, interior design also races to timely adapt to future car features.  In the near future, self-driving cars or even BMW’s regular luxury cars will use the BMW HoloActive touch system. This is a pioneering system in the automotive industry that allows users to control the entire dashboard with gestures. Physical operations are removed to make room for 3-dimensional display. In other words, BMW customers will be lost in today’s science fiction movies.

The challenge for BMW lies in customer adaptation. Because at the launch of CES 2017, the car company to Germany expects to bring BMW HoloActive touch into mass production in the next 3-4 years. This system also distracts users so it is recommended to go with self-driving cars instead of regular cars.

One of the outstanding interior designs to adapt to this technology is the auto-retractable steering wheel when the car is self-driving. When the vehicle is set to self-driving mode, the steering wheel will automatically disappear to increase space for users.

The challenge of this interior design is how long will it take for users to be able to control the vehicle again? In case of self-driving system malfunction, users will have to immediately control the vehicle with manual mode. But then, the steering wheel will not be able to immediately return to the original position.

In the next 10 years, OLED displays will become popular in automotive interiors. With a great advantage of thinness as well as fuel economy, OLED will be installed anywhere in the cabin compartment to serve the entertainment needs of people in the car.

The challenge of OLED is the high cost and low life expectancy. But engineers confirmed the durability of OLED screens has improved. However, the improvement is proportional to the selling price. Once the car can drive completely, the need to communicate between the front row and rear row passengers will increase. That is the opportunity for the chair designs to rotate 180 degrees in the next 5 years. Even many car manufacturers pioneered a small table in the middle of two rows of seats to serve this conversation.

In Malaysia, Ford has officially introduced a new generation F150 super-load car model assembled in the country. This model will be equipped with a 3.5L V6 engine with 10-speed automatic transmission along with the reverse steering wheel and is selling 4.4 billion.

The Ford F-150 Raptor is assembled in Malaysia, is also called the Sutton Monster Raptor. Compared to the previous version, the super-load “Sutton Monster Raptor” only slightly tweaked its appearance and still uses the F-150 Raptor platform.

The exterior of the F150 Raptor has a stout and strong American look with the Sutton Rex Revolver grille along with a bright LED roof light, LED positioning on the grille, turn signal on the rearview mirror large plate, cargo tray plate, carbon Sutton pieces for the rear end, and 6 spoke wheel wheels. These details give off a strong off-road feel.

Entering the Cabin cabin, the details are neatly arranged in a practical way of a pickup, in the middle of the dashboard is an 8-inch entertainment screen using a modern Sync 3 system. In addition, there are comfortable technologies such as 10-way electric seats with heating, cooling and memory positions, dual-zone automatic air conditioning and panoramic sunroof.

The Ford F150 Raptor uses a twin-turbocharged 3.5L V6 Ecoboost petrol engine that produces a maximum power of 450 hp and 691Nm of maximum torque, comes with a 10-speed automatic transmission and a four-wheel drive system. In addition, Ford also gives customers more options with the Monster Intercooler package that can push maximum capacity to 520 hp and maximum torque of 827 Nm.

Safety equipment of the Ford F150 Raptor is also fully equipped such as blind spot warning system, cross-vehicle alert, open by lock code, 360-degree camera. The Ford F-150 Raptor in Malaysia market costs RM788,000, equivalent to VND4.4 billion. In the near future, this model will be exported to Southeast Asian countries, including Vietnam.

The Qualcomm brand has invested heavily in the automotive industry. Not only investing in the inventor of advanced wireless technology and mobile connectivity, Qualcomm also wants to move to the automotive industry and redefine the completely connected car experience. At the FIA ​​Formula E racing in China, Qualcomm has applied Qualcomm Halo wireless charging technology, to charge between uses for two BMW i8 Formula E safety cars and two BMW i3 for medical tasks. and support. All four vehicles have been modified to meet IFA’s technical and safety requirements, and are equipped with Halo, which allowsQualcomm  charging without cables.

Formula E CEO, Alejandro Agag said: “We are pleased to announce this partnership with BMW, one of the leading pioneering automobile manufacturers. The BMW i8 and i3 are excellent models in terms of both features and breakthrough design, and along with Qualcomm wireless charging technology, these models can be deployed quickly, without removing the cord, ensuring Time off the fastest track.

Qualcomm also expects to see Qualcomm Halo wireless charging technology dismiss the concerns of many electric vehicle owners. If we can do so, the demand for electric cars will increase, the automobile industry and manufacturers will be encouraged to promote development as well as improve the design of electric vehicles, and we will contribute better to preserving the earth’s environment.

Besides charging technology, Qualcomm is changing other areas of the automotive industry with wireless technology innovations. A number of people do not realize that Qualcomm and its subsidiaries have improved automotive communication technology for more than 25 years, starting with OmniTRACS in 1988. Currently, Qualcomm gets partners in The automotive industry is judged to be a trusted advisor when it comes to creating a whole new landscape for safety and security, fully connected infotainment systems, convenience and personalization, energy and environment.

Nowadays, the Internet has been an integral part of modern life. The idea of ​​putting it in a car has been around for a few years. A car is more than just a travel tool, it must satisfy other entertainment and information needs. We are talking about a car with perfect Internet access devices, help you quickly browse the area map, listen to the radio over the Internet, watch movies online, go to Facebook, Twitter and dozens of other useful applications.

For automobile manufacturers, their goal is to produce car models that can connect with friends, music, information via the monitor screen. And they have realized the need to start providing that standard since research shows that young people in the market are not attracted to contemporary models like those who went before.

We are entering the era of connected cars, they are considered as smart phones rolling on the road, easily access Facebook and Twitter and mobile applications, such as Pandora and Yelp. Any questions about when this will become reality are answered a few weeks before Honda announced that starting this fall, a system called HondaLink will be offered in the Honda Accords. It will allow the driver to enter Internet radio, download audio books, view the ratings of nearby restaurants and go to Facebook.

With HondaLink, or with similar systems on other models, your smart car will get information from the website into the dashboard’s display screen. But when does everything on the screen become too much? Yes, it depends on your age. While three of the four car owners in a new Harris vote answered that connecting in a car is too distracting. When asked about the attractiveness of connected cars, the results are divided by generation.


In the cramped context of big cities today, when parking cars in narrow positions, drivers have to turn a lot. For some inexperienced drivers, it can cause cars congestion together, even collisions with cars parked next to them, causing damage. Today, this has been further improved by auto parking assist technology.

The auto parking back-up technology is designed to make driving easier and increase the value of modernity and utility of the car. The operating principle of this technology takes place as follows: when the driver starts activating the automatic parking function, the central electronic computer will gain control of the steering wheel.

Through distance measuring sensors, the car will automatically move to the appropriate position. The central computer will determine the steering wheel rotation angle to control the vehicle back into the parking spot. This automated system also helps to avoid colliding with surrounding vehicles.

There are many automated parking technologies. There are cars that use signal transceiver sensors mounted around the body. The others use cameras mounted in the front and rear of the car or radio radar technology to receive feedback signals, identify location of obstructions, …

Whatever technology is used, the final results are the same. The central computer will determine the position of parked cars, the size of the space and the distance to the curb to control the vehicle back to the parking spot for it. If only parking assistance was previously available in a space between a row of cars parked parallel to the curb, now it is possible to park on the voids that are not parallel to the curb.

It’s like cross-frames in a parking lot, then backing up in a position perpendicular to the curb, when there are 2 cars parked on either side. Not only will the vehicle be perpendicular to the tail, but it will also drive the whole vehicle into a position that is perpendicular to the roadside.