Ettore Bugatti was the founder of the French car manufacturer and started production in early 1909 in Molsheim, Alsace which used to be a German city. His car designs were art-like and beautiful, and he had one son by the name of Jean Bugatti. He also jumped into the business at a young age and helped his father to construct sensational racing cars that assisted them in earning several wins in racing.

Jean Bugatti, unfortunately, died at the age of 30 and his father continued running the business until 1947. In 1960, part of the business was sold to a company that constructed airplane parts, and in 1990 an Italian entrepreneur decided to jump-start the business again to produce exclusive sports cars. The Bugatti company is now owned by Volkswagen, and it continues to produce high-performance and luxurious sports cars. Let’s take a look at some of the most iconic Bugatti’s since the company came into existence.

1. Bugatti EB 110

This is a Bugatti with a unique Italian twist. The car was constructed with carbon fibre and aluminium and featured a 6-speed manual gearbox that could effortlessly shift gears under high stress. It also came equipped with coil springs and double wish suspension along with a 3.5-litre quad-turbo V12 engine. It managed to produce 524bhp at around 8,000 rpm.

2. Bugatti Type 251

After World War II and the death of Jean and Ettore Bugatti, the car manufacturer attempted to rejuvenate the business by building the Type 251. It featured a 2.5 litre straight eight engine that was mounted transversely directly behind the driver. It featured an oversquare engine with a 68.5 stroke and a 76mm bore. In 1956, it entered the French Grand Prix but retired after 18 laps as it wasn’t a very competitive car at all.

3. Bugatti Type 101 C Antem Coupe

This was an amazing small car that looked every bit Bugatti from the rear to the front. The car was constructed in 1951 and went into production in 1956. The engine produces 135hp and was built after World War II to revive the company. It also featured a manual 5-speed gearbox and was rear wheel drive.

4. Bugatti Veyron

This is undoubtedly the most intense production car in the world that can be driven on the road. It is also the fastest car to 60km/h and is considered a technical achievement for the car company. It produces over 1,000hp through two V8 engines and comes equipped with ten radiators to handle everything from the engine cooling system to the AC. The top speed of the Bugatti Veyron is 253mph, and it can maintain that speed for 12 minutes before it runs out of fuel.

5. The Bugatti Royale

Also known as Type 41, the car went into production from 1927 to 1933. It is a huge, luxury vehicle that was initially intended to be sold to royalty. Unfortunately, royalty didn’t buy expensive cars, and therefore only six were ever made where a total of 3 were successfully sold. It featured a 12-litre engine and weighed a whopping 750 lbs.

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