People have talked a lot about how a start-up like Tesla has been surpassing the giants in the automotive industry with its unique electric cars. However, they have started to counterattack because they will certainly not easily lose their position.

May be you’re still impressed to see how successful Elon Musk is by launching Model3’s first mass-market mass production car. A lot of people hope that Model3 will help Tesla achieve outstanding success and occupy the growing electric car market.

But General Motors recently fired the first shot to signal the arrival of the toughest rivals Tesla Model3 will face. Here is GM’s Chevrolet Bolt. It must be said that, Tesla is easily oriented to take electric cars as its main development area.


Thanks to that, Tesla in recent years has really made a special storm with extremely attractive models. Thereby proving that electric vehicles absolutely can have superior features traditional vehicles.

However, maintaining the vanguard advantage is probably becoming a burden for Tesla. The company began to reveal the weaknesses of a small company when confronted with tycoons in the automobile industry. The biggest weakness is the production speed and distribution network.

It can be clearly seen with Model3 when Tesla is having a lot of difficulties in producing timely delivery to customers. It is expected to take nearly two years for Tesla to complete the delivery of the entire vehicle to the customers who have reserved it.

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Paying up to $ 35,000 and waiting for two years is not something everyone is ready for. And GM is taking advantage of that deadly weakness of Tesla to launch its secret weapon, the Chevrolet Bolt.

In terms of appearance, Tesla has always made a bold impression in the hearts of customers with an extremely luxurious and artistic design. Model3 is no exception, a Mashup version between ModelX and ModelS that was previously launched.

However, when talking about the most important factor on an electric car that is the distance traveled on a single charge, Tesla was surpassed by GM. Model3 can only travel 215 miles on a single charge, this Bolt’s figure is 238 miles.

The new Peugeot 3008 with an elegant and luxurious appearance design. The chrome-plated lines are delicate and meticulous in every detail. Peugeot 3008 is also modern with electric folding rearview mirror, integrated turn signal light and “Welcome lights”.

LED taillights stand out. At the same time, the ground clearance of 178 mm brings confidence to the driver when faced with high pavement or often flooded roads.

Besides, the equipped with 3 driving modes help the driver to completely control the car. If you like the sporty and exciting feeling, the driver can try Sport mode, the system will affect the performance of the engine and gearbox.

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Meanwhile, the operating mechanism of the Peugeot 3008 will be similar to a true sports car, longer shift times, more lively engine sound, faster acceleration … In addition, when traveling On slippery snow roads, the driver can choose to use the “Snow” mode of the gearbox.

Or customize the electronic leveling system by switching between the modes of the Grip Control system. announced below the shift lever area. Electronic balance system is also one of the outstanding support features of Peugeot 3008, helping the car easily control the engine. It helps increase the ability to balance, bringing comfort to the driver.

As a CUV Peugeot 3008, the car’s interior design is focused on maximizing comfort and comfort for the driver as well as the occupants. The interior space of Peugeot 3008 is a blend of elegance, quality, modern technology and user-centric philosophy.

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The seats of the car are soft leather, especially the back and auxiliary seats with customizable, flexible folding to create 3008 spacious and airy interior space.

The leather-wrapped Peugeot 3008 steering wheel is chrome-plated at the position of the spoke integrated buttons for adjusting the volume and talk functions at the back.

The dashboard displays a sharp center of the spacecraft design that helps the driver both control the vehicle while observing information such as speed. In addition, the outstanding HUD screen displays basic parameters for a sporty style and a modern-style toggle adjustment system.

The use of HVO – or renewable diesel oil – instead of conventional fossil fuels will contribute to improved air quality. At the same time, compared to traditional diesel, greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced by up to 90 percent.

Commercial companies across Europe collect used cooking oil from restaurants, food service providers and schools. The RecOil project, a European Union initiative supported by the European Commission. It is attempting to increase purchasing resources, including from households, to boost biodiesel production.

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In addition, HVO, when combined with animal fats and fish oils, will also help diesel engines to start more easily when the temperatures are low outside. The process of synthesizing HVO oils using hydrogen as a catalyst helps HVO to be used as a better combustion, cleaner combustion and longer storage time than conventional biofuels.

Ford has thoroughly tested the HVO oil on its 2.0-liter EcoBlue engine to ensure that it does not require engine modification, nor does it affect maintenance.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho FORD TRANSIT

HVO fuel has also begun to be used by Ford’s major customers outside the Scandianvia and Baltic regions for environmental protection purposes. The oil is shipped in bulk by specialized suppliers directly to the fuel stations of these companies.

Ford Transit has been leading the commercial vehicle segment since 2015. According to Infonet, the cumulative sales from the beginning of 2019 to the end of September 2019 reached 3,798 vehicles.

This shows the influence of Transit when away from rivals such as Toyota Hiace and Hyundai Solati.

In case the driver cannot find the HVO pump station. Ford has approved the use of a new type of fuel – reusable vegetable oil for the Transit commercial vehicle. This type of renewable diesel fuel is made up of waste oil, including used cooking oil from restaurants, fast food bars.

Although thoroughly disguised, it’s easy to see that the Hyundai Santa Fe facelift receives significant exterior upgrades. These include a new light design, finely tuned grille and new, more stylish wheels.

In addition, the upgraded version of Hyundai Santa Fe will also be adjusted in size. With a larger wheelbase, Santa Fe promises to bring a superficial appearance, strong no less than the senior model Palisade.

Hyundai Santa Fe is an important model of the Korean automaker, accounting for more than 50 percent of Hyundai SUV sales. In the new version, Santa Fe promises to be provided with many different engine configurations including internal combustion engine.


The addition of plug-in hybrid and hybrid engines for Santa Fe is really good news for users because these powertrains are very fuel efficient and environmentally friendly.

The hybrid powertrain will be a combination of an electric motor and a 1.6 T-GDI petrol engine. Meanwhile, the petrol and diesel engine configurations will remain the same and optional. With upgrades to the design and transmission, Santa Fe is expected to still score in the hearts of customers and continue to be a profitable development for Hyundai.

Entering the upgraded version of 2020, the Hyundai Santa Fe SUV inherits the leading safety features of the Palisade senior. With many valuable upgrades, the Hyundai SUV immediately creates a great attraction for consumers. Hyundai Santa Fe is the best-selling SUV of the Korean automaker in the US market.


In terms of comfort, the Santa Fe Limited 2020 will inherit the top safety features of the large Palisade SUV. It’s a blind-spot monitoring system that integrates blind-spot collision avoidance assist. Accordingly, whenever turning on the turn signal, the car will display the camera image from the side with blind spot.

In addition, the SE and SEL versions of the Santa Fe 2020 will have additional features to alert the presence of the passenger behind. Entering the 2020 version, Santa Fe will no longer have the most advanced version Ultimate. However, premium sills and glossy black exterior with chrome trim will be standard equipment for the Limited edition.

In Industrial Development in Postwar Japan, published by Hirohisa Kohama in 2007, Mr. Hisato Ichimada stated:

“It is pointless for Japan to work hard to build the automobile industry. Today, we have an international division of labor. Because Americans have been able to produce cheap cars, it would be more reasonable if Japan depends on the US in the field of cars.”

The Japanese automakers’ equipment, factories and manufacturing methods cannot compete with foreign firms. And domestic companies do not expect to be able to compete with them. The best policy is to abandon the production of passenger cars and depend on imports.

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However, according to Car of Japan, the above statements prompted the Ministry of International Trade and Industry of Japan to give a completely different opinion. The domestic manufacturing industry needs to be protected and encouraged for development.

The ministry advised the government to make new policies in the direction of protecting domestic automakers. The Government of Japan also makes policies to prioritize the development of specific products, especially the mechanical and electronic industries. In particular, focus on supporting industrial products.

The above policies helped the Japanese supporting industry develop. It transformed Japan from a country devastated after the war to an industrial power.

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Not a mass production line, large numbers of millions of components. However, Hokusei has become a supplier of components for many automakers, producing about 30,000 body parts and tires.

Talking with us, Mr. Takahiro Murai said that his family has worked as a model for three generations. They have been in operation for the past 48 years and are transferring the next generation. Above the small workshop, he arranged a room to be the center for designing and researching products in 3D.

On average, Hokusei Company produces for about 300 sets of molds per month. These policies soon became effective.

Many people wonder if Mitsubishi car engine is good? Discovering Mitsubishi’s MIVEC system will find you the answer. Newly released technologies are constantly being improved day by day to meet users requirements.

It was not just a machine that could move goods and people like before. Cars bring modern people a lot of utilities. Each car manufacturer has its own technology to compete with competitors.

But they share a common task of solving questions about technology that optimizes engine performance and reduces fuel consumption.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Mitsubishi

It is briefly understood as variable valve technology, electronically controlled from the car manufacturer Mitsubishi based on turbochargers. The principle of operation of the MIVEC engine is that the system will continuously adjust the intake and exhaust valves independently.

They are intended to increase engine power while saving fuel and reducing emissions. The modern technology of the MIVEC engine adjusts the valve opening moment precisely according to the engine revs and the vehicle load.

MIVEC technology unlocks high-speed and high-speed revolutions for higher power output and increases torque in engine operating modes. When the engine is operating at low revs, MIVEC technology will provide a mixture of fuel and combustion air stability, less exhaust gas.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Mitsubishi

The advantage of MIVEC engines is the use of small, medium-sized engines applied with high technology to increase capacity.

MIVEC engine controls 4 optimal operating modes of the engine, adjusting the opening and closing times to increase pump losses, helping to reduce fuel consumption. MIVEC engines are small in size, helping to reduce the engine area, increasing the area for the passenger compartment

MIVEC engine helps reduce air loss of the amount of air deposited into the engine. Thanks to the control of the opening and closing process of the pap coin, taking the initiative in timing and opening and closing of the air intake. The air intake is easily circulated.

As successful as today, Lamborghini has been bankrupt and sold to many times.

Founded in 1963, Lamborghini is owned by Ferruccio Lamborghini founder until 1974. After many years of success, sales began to decline, especially after the economic downturn and the mine-rich crisis in 1973.

Ferruccio decided to retire and sell the company to George-Henri Rossetti and Rene Leimer in 1974. In 1978, Lamborghini went bankrupt, then two years later, under the management of Jean-Claude and Patrick Mimran.

Jean-Claude and Patrick Mimran bought all of Lamborghini in 1984 and sold it to Chrysler in 1987. The US group retained the company until 1994 and sold it to investment group Mycom Setdco (Malaysia) and V’Power Corporation (Indonesia).

In 1998, Lamborghini was once again sold to the Volkswagen Group, and was assigned to the Audi division.

Who is the Volkswagen Automotive Group?

Volkswagen Group, also known as Volkswagen AG (VAG) is a German multinational automobile manufacturer based in Wolfsburg (Germany).

Volkswagen Group is a large and long-standing German corporation. Founded in 1937 as the Volkswagen company, the company designed the Beetle emblem. VW became a corporation in the 1960s after acquiring Auto Union and NSU. These two parts merged to form Audi today.

VAG continued to buy controlling shares of Seat and Skoda in 1994. In 1998, Volkswagen purchased three luxury brands Bentley, Bugatti, and Lamborghini. In 2012, Volkswagen Group became the parent company of Porsche.

In the hands of Volkswagen Group, there are currently 15 car brands and subsidiaries. The German corporation also owns Ducati, MAN, and Scania. Bankruptcy brands such as Auto Union, Horch, NSU, Wanderer, and DKW used to belong to the Volkswagen Group.

Who owns a Lamborghini stake?

Individuals and groups that own the Volkswagen Group also own Lamborghini shares. Shareholders of VW Group include Porsche Automobil Holding SE (30.8%), foreign-invested companies (25.2%), Qatar Holding LLC (14.6%), State of Lower Saxony (11.8 %), private shareholders (15.1%) and German investment institutions (2.5%).

Regarding voting rights, Porsche Automobil Holding SE controls 53.1%, State of Lower Saxony – 20%, Qatar Holding LLC – 17%, and other investors – the remaining 9.9%.

Although Audi controls Lamborghini, the brand is actually part of the parent group Volkswagen Group. Lamborghini itself controls the smaller brands, including Ducati, Italdesign Giugiaro, and MML S.p.A. (Motori Marini Lamborghini).

On August 28, 1937, Toyota Motor Corporation was officially born. This ushered in an era of brilliant success in the automotive industry and has since made Japan‘s name proud.

CafeBiz would like to introduce the series of articles about “The richest clans in world history”. The series will be posted regularly every Friday. In this issue, we would like to introduce to readers the story of Toyoda – the family behind the giant automobile empire Toyota.

The founder of Toyota, Sakichi Toyoda, was born into a poor carpenter family in a rural area near Nagoya, Japan. He grew up and took his father’s apprenticeship, becoming a carpenter with the specialty of making wooden looms. By being eager to learn and diligent, he later created an entirely new, improved weaving machine from the previous wooden one.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Toyoda

Not only a talented craftsman, Toyoda has proved to be a creative and entrepreneurial entrepreneur from the outset. When he created this weaving machine, he quickly registered the patent and then mass produced it for sale.

On one visit to the US to find out information about the project of automatic looms that he was studying, Sakichi Toyoda happened to realize that cars had appeared in the US quite a lot but Japan did not have them yet. Subsequently. When there was information that Japan had to import 800 Ford cars, Sakichi Toyoda’s national pride increased.

In early 1930, each production line of tires, chassis and car engine was completed by the Toyoda family.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Toyoda

Toyota has always been one of the leading brands in the world, valued at tens of billions of dollars. At the same time, Toyota owns 522 subsidiaries across the planet. It is also one of the three largest car companies in the world, “consolidated vehicle sales reached 8,971,864 units”.

As a productive research expert who has been following Toyota’s every step, James Womack said: “Whether Akio becomes Toyota’s leader depends on many other factors, not because of the Toyoda family. “

Akio has the same starting point as any other Toyota employee. In 1984, he asked his father if he should go to work for Toyota and received an astonishing reply: “Nobody wants to be your boss. Toyota does not need children. If you want to work here, start like everyone else, ”starting from an apprenticeship position. Since then, the Toyota boat has remained steadfast.

Popular sports car launched with a new look, 3.8-liter twin-turbo V6 engine with 710 horsepower.

Launched at the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​2018, Nissan GT-R50 received much attention. Italdesign – one of VinFast’s design partners, cooperates with Nissan to create sports cars limited to 50 units worldwide. In particular, the car was announced with the 50th anniversary of the birth of Italdesign and GT-R.

GT-R50 is based on GT-R Nismo and Italdesign has designed more details that make the car’s exterior different from its predecessor. The head of the car is angled, slim LED headlights make the car more aggressive and sporty. The rear of the car retains four round taillights, equipped with a wing that can lift and lower at speed and the wind splitter under the rear bumper to increase aerodynamics.

Vehicles equipped with the 3.8-liter V6 twin-turbo engine of the GT-R R35 Nismo GT3, but tuned to 710 horsepower and 780 Nm of torque. It comes with a brand new 6-speed dual clutch transmission.

Bob Laishley, director of Nissan’s global sports car division, said: “Our customers have enjoyed the personalized experience provided by Italdesign. They say the GT-R50 is a great model and I can say that every car will definitely be an independent masterpiece”.

In addition to the personalized program provided by Italdesign, owners of 50 cars can personalize the colors of the exterior and interior as they like. The Nissan GT-R50 costs $ 1.12 million, 5 times more expensive than the GT-R Nismo.

FIA and F1 have been preparing for more than two years to launch a new model, which is considered to be more competitive on the track. In addition, a series of new regulations, the most important of which are the financial limits, were detailed in the meeting on October 31.

The most important change in the new model is at the front. The front spoiler, designed perpendicularly on both sides in previous seasons, has been tapered and streamlined. Its two ends will carry a triangular metal plate, the tip pointed upwards.

In addition, the new design of the F1 car removed some details from the engine box and revised the middle part of the rear spoiler. This is an early model for the 2021 season, providing an initial look for fans. The design of each racing team will rely on this model to create their car and each vehicle will not be exactly like the one offered by FIA.

In the minds of many people, electric cars are the means of the far future, not suitable for the present. However, the development of battery technology will help electric vehicles soon become universal. The common misconceptions about electric vehicles are listed by the firms below.

According to statistics of the US Department of Transportation, the average vehicle user in this country runs about 64 km / day. Meanwhile, most electric cars are capable of running twice as long before having to charge.

With a moderate-priced electric vehicle like the Nissan Leaf, the vehicle’s mileage can be about 240 km or an electric Hyundai Kona can travel a distance of 412 km, meaning users can drive a few days.

Meanwhile, many high-end electric cars like the Tesla Model 3 can move continuously over a distance of about 500 km for a charge. The American automaker said that the open-road electric car launched in 2020 can also run continuously nearly 1,000 km with a full charge.

In fact, electric cars are often faster than cars powered by internal combustion engines of the same capacity. Because electric vehicles transmit 100% of the torque generated to drive, do not lose through other parts.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho ô tô thế giới

When the operator stepped on the accelerator pedal, the car immediately accelerated without any delay. A Tesla Model S can accelerate 0-100 km / h in about 2.5 seconds, equivalent to many famous sports cars.

The cost of battery packs is likely to decline sharply in the coming years, when the cost of electric cars is significantly reduced. In many places in the United States, people who buy electric vehicles get a refund of certain amounts, depending on their income level.

Electric cars often have a small market share, so organizations in the US often do not perform safety tests. However, those vehicles that have done crash tests have achieved good results.

In addition, concerns about battery burn, explosion due to collision are all exaggerated news. In recent studies conducted by the National Highway Safety Agency, the frequency of fire and explosion of battery systems of electric cars is equal or lower than that of traditional cars.