It is common that manufacturers put stick shifts into anything they could touch with a hole saw. However, that stopped an automatic transmission evolved into something good. In fact, even the fastest cars of the last decade use some form of automatic shifting. But in terms of 20th-century performance cars, manual-equipped examples generally retain more valuable than automatic ones. Here is a list of the top five classic cars that had a manual transmission but you may not have known.

1988–91 BMW 735i

Back to past days when BMW made cars for hardcore enthusiasts, it provided a five-speed manual in the 735i – its biggest and most luxurious model. Although the combination was both unexpected and awesome, not many were sold since few buyers equated German luxury with a clutch pedal.

2001–06 BMW X5

The first-gen X5 offered a three-pedal version due to the same reason why the 7-series did in the late 1980s and BMW thought that enthusiasts would like it. However, sales were slow because there were not many buyers who took the sport part of sport-utility seriously.

2011–2013 Buick Regal

Buick’s European-bred family sedan provided a six-speed manual in the 220-hp turbo version and the 255-hp GS version had one too. There were manual Buicks because they are rebadged Opel Insignias, manual versions of which weren’t exactly rare.

1984–90, 92–95 Dodge Caravan/Plymouth Voyager

Although a manual minivan may seem unconventional, it strikes us as the perfect way to fight the blahs and teach our children about the importance of a heel-toe downshift. There was even a turbo version with 150 horsepower. If you don’t like Caravans and Voyagers, a 1991–93 Toyota Previa with a stick may be the car of your choice.

2005–06 Jaguar X-type Sportwagon

Jaguar seems to be unafraid to drop a manual in an unexpected place. Based on Ford of Europe’s Mondeo, the X-type wagon also ended up with one for two years of production. However, only 1602 wagons were sold.

6. Lexus ES 350

At least one of the best luxury cars for women should be known for excellent reliability, and we can take the Lexus ES 350 as a typical example. Earning the Top Safety Pick+ honor from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, this car also scored very well in crash tests. The competitively priced Lexus ES may not be the most exciting car on this list, but it is one of the most comfortable, for the driver as well as for the passengers.

7. Volvo V60

Sometimes a station wagon is simply the best vehicle for a woman and the Volvo V60 is one of the best. It’s as good and safe as a Volvo sedan, except it has extra cargo space for whatever you may need to carry. Volvo uses a couple different turbocharged engines with the V60, making this luxury wagon a satisfying car to drive. Optional all-wheel drive prevents foul weather from getting in your way. And even though this traditionally Swedish brand might never completely shake its reputation for designing boxy cars, the Volvo V60 wagon makes it work.

8. Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class

The GLA-Class is a subcompact Mercedes-Benz SUV that is one of the most reasonable ways to get into the brand. It is also one of the most favorite luxury cars for women in the present. According to J.D. Power and Associates, the GLA-Class has high reliability scores – one of the strong points in its favor. It’s also priced lower than an entry-level Benz sedan, in spite of being more practical when it comes to cargo space and passenger comfort. Don’t be surprised by its agility since it was designed to handle like a car. While many of the German company’s larger vehicles give off a distinctly masculine vibe, the GLA-Class makes a stylistic statement without all the testosterone.

3. Kia K900

The 2016 Kia K900 is one of the more practical considerations in this Autobytel roundup of 10 best luxury cars for women. Somehow, though, the K900 luxury sedan is often overlooked as a legitimate upscale option. The Korean budget brand competes in this class by providing a lot of amenities—similar to those found on class-leading vehicles—for a very low price. On top of that, Kia also backs its flagship luxury sedan with an excellent warranty. The 2016 Kia K900 may not be especially sporty, but this large sedan does provide good overall handling composure and a smooth ride. That’s a trait liked by both women and men.

4. Cadillac XT5

Though the 2017 Cadillac XT5 is brand new and hasn’t yet had a chance to prove itself, it belongs on our list of the 10 best luxury cars for women. Why? Well, Cadillac’s heritage as a domestic luxury brand certainly plays a role, but these all-American cars have never really been what one might call feminine. The XT5, a midsize crossover that’s slated as a replacement for the dated SRX, has the potential to change that perception. More nimble than its predecessor and with a more modern interior, the XT5 signals a change in direction for the brand. Women in the market for an upscale SUV should consider—perhaps for the first time—claiming a Caddy as their own.

5. Audi A5 Cabriolet

No list of the best luxury cars for women would be complete without an upscale convertible in the mix. The 2016 Audi A5 Cabriolet is a drop-top version of the German brand’s popular compact coupe, which offers good reliability, excellent fuel economy, and a great driving experience. Women who prefer a manual transmission will need to get the regular A5 coupe because the A5 Cabriolet comes only with an automatic. The 2016 Audi A5 also has a sumptuous interior with plenty of standard equipment, as well as standard quattro all-wheel drive.

Women are now buying more cars than ever, and whether they are buying for themselves or for the whole family, there are decisions that must be made. Here is a list of the most favorite luxury cars with some features making them particularly attractive to women on the market right now.

1. Acura ILX

In some circles, the Acura ILX is thought to be a more upscale Honda Civic. However, a car like that has its own place in the market and deserves to be considered as one of the best luxury cars for women. In fact, since much of the mechanicals are shared with the Civic and there is nothing wrong with that, the Acura ILX is safe, reliable, and a little affordable for a luxury small car. It also got a mid-cycle refresh this year with the styling having been updated and a more powerful base model. Ladies who like to drive around with their friends might like the ILX rather than other small sedans thanks to its spacious back seat.

2. BMW 3 Series

We know that there are sexier, bigger, and more powerful BMWs. But we choose the 2016 3 Series as one of the best high-end cars for ladies since it provides so many options, making it perfect for a woman who wants to customize her new car. Gran Turismo hatchback, wagon bodystyles, and Sedan are on offer with the 3 Series, and just since the sedan is the most favorite doesn’t mean that it is the best. That said, you should choose carefully since the BMW 3 Series’ extensive list of available drivetrains is somehow limited with the hatchback and wagon models. And don’t think of the 3 Series of BMW as purely a budget option, although the base sedan is an affordable high-end car, prices of these BMWs might skyrocket quickly as the options add up.

Electric cars are considered a sustainable means of transportation. It can save the world from climate change disasters and environmental pollution. But it’s not really just a product to make money.

The billionaire Americans believe that mass electric cars are one of the steps to take to save the planet, in which life. Why does Tesla exist? Why do we produce electric cars? Why is it a matter of concern?

Because electric cars are extremely important in the transition to sustainable transport. That is really important for the future of the world.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho ô tô điện

At that time, Mr. Obama also set an ambitious goal that by 2015, the US needed 1 million electric cars to run on the streets. Most recently – during his visit to Detroit, Mr. Obama continued to affirm the importance of electric cars to the mission of saving the planet.

We should think about the future, not just the past. We not only create the cars people need today, but also what they want tomorrow. I realize hybrid cars and electric cars as well as fuel-efficient cars can protect our planet, save people money.

It not only contributes significantly to combating climate change, saving the Earth from the dangers and disasters caused by warming. Electric cars also bring health benefits to people, especially when the impact of toxic emissions from vehicles is at an alarming level.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho ô tô điện

Many experts believe that increasing the number of electric cars on a global scale could reduce air pollution related diseases. There are still conflicting opinions on the mission of saving the planet and humanity of electric cars. Many people believe that, while electric cars reduce toxic emissions but increase electricity consumption.

Like other electric vehicles, the Tesla Model 3 has no emissions of air pollution and CO2. But that is only true for the car itself. While its power is usually made from coal

In line with the 4-star safety standard of the Southeast Asia-ASEAN NCAP New Vehicle Assessment Committee, Mitsubishi Xpander received a higher score than rival Suzuki Ertiga in terms of safety assistance as well as human protection.

After Mitsubishi Xpander, the Committee for Evaluation of New Cars in Southeast Asia – ASEAN NCAP has just announced the test results and safety ratings of Suzuki Ertiga. Thereby, helping customers make comparisons and comparisons on the safety of these two MPV models.

ASEAN NCAP conducts crash tests and assesses safety standards according to 3 criteria, including the ability to protect the safety for adults (AOP), for children (COP) in the event of a collision and Safety features supported.

According to information released by ASEAN NCAP, the Mitsubishi Xpander belongs to the standard version, GLS 2018 floor number. These two models are currently manufactured by Mitsubishi and Suzuki at factories located in Indonesia and exported to Southeast Asian countries.

Collision testing and evaluation results of ASEAN NCAP show that both Mitsubishi Xpander and Suzuki Ertiga meet the 4-star safety standards of this organization. However, the total score, as well as the score according to each rating item of these two models, are completely different.

The number of Suzuki Ertiga points achieved according to 3 ASEAN NCAP evaluation criteria is 65.41 points, while Mitsubishi Xpander achieved 71.6 points. Specifically, according to the ASEAN NCAP score, Mitsubishi Xpander is slightly better than Suzuki Ertiga in terms of safety protection for adults (AOP) and safety features supporting with a score of 39.08 points and 13.89 points. While Suzuki Ertiga only achieved 35.66 points for the category of adult safety protection (AOP) and 10.9 points for safety features supporting equipment on the vehicle.

In return, the MPV 5 + 2-seat model is slightly better in terms of child safety protection (COP) (18.85 points) than Mitsubishi Xpander (18.69 points).

Mitsubishi Xpander and Suzuki Ertiga both come standard with 2 airbags, ABS anti-lock braking system, seat belts.

In the popular MPV 5 + 2-seater car segment, Mitsubishi Xpander and Suzuki Ertiga are equipped with 2 airbags, ABS, 3-point seat belts, 1.5-liter petrol engine. Other equipment varies from market to market.

In the ranking list of the Top Safety Pick and Top Safety Pick + models for 2019 by the US Institute of Road Safety (IIHS), there is only one US model, the other two names are surprising. The National Institute of Transportation Safety (IIHS) published a list of 2019 safety models, with 57 names arranged in two groups: 30 cars from Top Safety Pick + and 27 cars for Top Safety Pick.

The Pick + group has the highest scores from the perspective of protecting passengers in a previous collision and has a high score for headlights. The Pick group, meanwhile, is the car that scored the standard or higher on IIHS’s latest crash test, and the headlights score is also high.

xe nước nào an toàn nhất

It can be seen that the number of 2019 models reaching this rating has doubled (30 models) compared to 2018 models (only 15 models), with the majority of Japanese and Korean cars.

This impressive increase is even more noticeable as IIHS has increased the difficulty for its vehicle tests. In addition, there are 17 other models fail the highest rating because they do not score “well” in the headlight test.

Cars make up 70% of the cars that reach Top Safety Pick +, small and mid-sized SUVs make up the remaining 30%. It’s no surprise that pickups completely “disappear” from IIHS’s list of safe models. Only Honda Ridgeline has appeared in the list of 2018 model cars.

Xe nước nào an toàn nhất? Hai cái tên gây bất ngờ

Another noteworthy point is the absence of American vehicles on the list. Only Chrysler Pacifica got into the top Pick like last year. Most cars selected are Japanese and Korean. If you include both Pick and Pick +, Hyundai contributes the most cars. Some German automakers have Mercedes, BMW and Audi. Surprisingly, Volvo is absent. This is a special case because according to IIHS, Volvo misses the results of safety testing for passengers.

In terms of branding, Subaru leads the way with seven models reaching Top Safety Pick +, including Ascent, Crosstrek, Impreza sedan and wagon, Legacy, Outback and WRX.

Electric vehicles are also absent from the IIHS list, only the KIA Niro Plug-In Hybrid is the Hybrid model on the list. Tesla does not have any models because: The company does not provide IIHS with any data or models for testing.

Fans of the Xbox console or first-person shooter games in general will probably never forget the Halo: Combat Evolved. Halo science fiction story will take you to a distant future, the time when humanity must resist the invasion of Earth by the outer space army. The Pillar Of Autumn space ship is under the onslaught of the Covenant race. The tense situation forced the captain to awaken Master Chief warriors from hibernation.

Standing alongside the crew, the strong warrior with extremely sturdy armor successfully defended the ship’s artificial intelligence – Cortana. Later, he and several members fled to Halo, a planet with a clean atmosphere and diverse ecosystems but something very mysterious… At this point, the Covenant forces are fast set foot in Halo and turn this planet into a fierce battlefield …

In the game, beyond the adventures of Master Chief, a toy for more than a decade has become a cultural icon of the gaming world, which is a jeep carrying a futuristic futuristic shape named Warthog. And in his own project, the gamer and mechanic nicknamed Bryanthavercamp turned the 1984 Chevrolet K10 pickup truck like this. Achievements, are cars that fans Halo must be stunned and want to climb test drive immediately

Back in June 2016, information about an extremely upgraded version called Halo Custom Edition SPV3 caused a stir in the community that loved Master Chieft. This is an overall reform product for the first Halo game on a PC. After 1 year, the development team has just continued to release a new version, improving every aspect from graphics, gameplay and really looks great.

Halo Custom Edition has added weapons, added enemies, vehicles, new areas for players to explore. In addition, the group also sent a few Easter Eggs to make the game more interesting.

This new version interferes with the frames shown for the physics simulation of the game, so it will give you a sense of smooth movement in the environment. It is known that the Halo version: The Combat Evolved can operate at 60 frames per second, so its physical simulation feature is quite powerful.