In line with the 4-star safety standard of the Southeast Asia-ASEAN NCAP New Vehicle Assessment Committee, Mitsubishi Xpander received a higher score than rival Suzuki Ertiga in terms of safety assistance as well as human protection.

After Mitsubishi Xpander, the Committee for Evaluation of New Cars in Southeast Asia – ASEAN NCAP has just announced the test results and safety ratings of Suzuki Ertiga. Thereby, helping customers make comparisons and comparisons on the safety of these two MPV models.

ASEAN NCAP conducts crash tests and assesses safety standards according to 3 criteria, including the ability to protect the safety for adults (AOP), for children (COP) in the event of a collision and Safety features supported.

According to information released by ASEAN NCAP, the Mitsubishi Xpander belongs to the standard version, GLS 2018 floor number. These two models are currently manufactured by Mitsubishi and Suzuki at factories located in Indonesia and exported to Southeast Asian countries.

Collision testing and evaluation results of ASEAN NCAP show that both Mitsubishi Xpander and Suzuki Ertiga meet the 4-star safety standards of this organization. However, the total score, as well as the score according to each rating item of these two models, are completely different.

The number of Suzuki Ertiga points achieved according to 3 ASEAN NCAP evaluation criteria is 65.41 points, while Mitsubishi Xpander achieved 71.6 points. Specifically, according to the ASEAN NCAP score, Mitsubishi Xpander is slightly better than Suzuki Ertiga in terms of safety protection for adults (AOP) and safety features supporting with a score of 39.08 points and 13.89 points. While Suzuki Ertiga only achieved 35.66 points for the category of adult safety protection (AOP) and 10.9 points for safety features supporting equipment on the vehicle.

In return, the MPV 5 + 2-seat model is slightly better in terms of child safety protection (COP) (18.85 points) than Mitsubishi Xpander (18.69 points).

Mitsubishi Xpander and Suzuki Ertiga both come standard with 2 airbags, ABS anti-lock braking system, seat belts.

In the popular MPV 5 + 2-seater car segment, Mitsubishi Xpander and Suzuki Ertiga are equipped with 2 airbags, ABS, 3-point seat belts, 1.5-liter petrol engine. Other equipment varies from market to market.

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