Many people wonder if Mitsubishi car engine is good? Discovering Mitsubishi’s MIVEC system will find you the answer. Newly released technologies are constantly being improved day by day to meet users requirements.

It was not just a machine that could move goods and people like before. Cars bring modern people a lot of utilities. Each car manufacturer has its own technology to compete with competitors.

But they share a common task of solving questions about technology that optimizes engine performance and reduces fuel consumption.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Mitsubishi

It is briefly understood as variable valve technology, electronically controlled from the car manufacturer Mitsubishi based on turbochargers. The principle of operation of the MIVEC engine is that the system will continuously adjust the intake and exhaust valves independently.

They are intended to increase engine power while saving fuel and reducing emissions. The modern technology of the MIVEC engine adjusts the valve opening moment precisely according to the engine revs and the vehicle load.

MIVEC technology unlocks high-speed and high-speed revolutions for higher power output and increases torque in engine operating modes. When the engine is operating at low revs, MIVEC technology will provide a mixture of fuel and combustion air stability, less exhaust gas.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Mitsubishi

The advantage of MIVEC engines is the use of small, medium-sized engines applied with high technology to increase capacity.

MIVEC engine controls 4 optimal operating modes of the engine, adjusting the opening and closing times to increase pump losses, helping to reduce fuel consumption. MIVEC engines are small in size, helping to reduce the engine area, increasing the area for the passenger compartment

MIVEC engine helps reduce air loss of the amount of air deposited into the engine. Thanks to the control of the opening and closing process of the pap coin, taking the initiative in timing and opening and closing of the air intake. The air intake is easily circulated.

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