Acura is considered a luxury vehicle marque that derives from Honda, a world-class Japanese automaker. The car brand was initially launched in Canada and the United States in March 1986, marketing high-performance, performance, and luxury vehicles. In 1991, it was introduced to Hong Kong, in 2004 to Mexico, in 2006 to China, in 2014 to Russia, and in 2016 to Kuwait. The car brand also sold extremely well in Ukraine. In 2008, Honda wanted to introduce the Acura car brand to the Japanese domestic market, but it was unfortunately delayed due to several economic reasons which was later withheld after the financial crisis in 2008.

Integra and Legend

The Acura brand was developed around the same time as rivals Toyota and Nissan created their Lexus and Infiniti premium cars. In 1986, after a decade of extensive research, Honda decided to open 60 new dealerships across North America to support the automobile division of Acura. The brand initially released tow models, including the compact class Integra and the executive class Legend, available as a three-door and five-door hatchback.


In 1990, almost five years after the release of the Integra and Legend, Acura decided to introduce the NSX, a real-wheel-drive, midship V6 powered sportscar. It was considered the first Japanese car that could compete against Porsche and Ferrari. The NSX basically served as an image car for both Acura and Honda brands. The NSX was also the first all-aluminium car in the world and was considered an “Everyday Supercar” due to its reliability, quality, and ease of use.


At the start of 2000, Acura celebrated a rebirth by introducing several redesigned models. The 1999 Acura 3.2 TL was the first of these models which was essentially an upscale sedan. The MDX was another refreshed Acura that was launched in early 2000, an extremely popular SUV which was based on the Odyssey minivan from Honda. In 2001, Acura launched a new coupe which was branded the RSX. It was basically a replacement for the Integra. Unfortunately, the RSX was taken out of the line-up at Acura in 2006.


In 2007, Acura managed to re-introduce the TL Type-S. In 2009, Acura launched the all-new TSX and TL models along with the mid-year model upgrade on the RL. All 3 of these vehicles made their introduction in 2008. In 2011, Acura planned to redesign the RL and also announced the introduction of the ZDX, a brand-new luxury model. The ZDX was the first car created in the Acura design studio situated in Southern California.

In 2012, Acura created the new ILX model which is heavily based on the Honda Civic. The car manufacturer also reinvented another model in the same year, known as the RDX concept. In 2013, Acura presented a 2014 MDX concept which was released shortly thereafter. Acura basically keeps all their car names the same and simply reinvents the models with better designs and features.

If cars tell you all about the person who drives them, then Mercedes-Benz should be thought off as a character personality extension. It runs the gamut from luxurious sedans to mind-blowing race cars to understatedly elegant cars that kick ass once a capable driver takes the wheel.

1957 300 SL Gullwing W1981

If you ever wondered how to outclass a couple of really hot girls in a red Lamborghini Countach, then “Cannonball Run II” released in 1984 have the answer, a Silver 1957 300 SL Gullwing W1981.

1990 420SEL

It’s undoubtedly the car of choice for Hollywood film directors and in Sin City, Marv steels a 1990 420 SEL off the priest saying the keys tells the padre was at the wheel of a Mercedes. Real life drivers call it a luxury class car that is built strong with a V8 engine that ensured decent acceleration and a smooth start. With a long wheelbase, it handles tight corners as if you are riding on a cloud.

600 Pullman W100

Formerly used for German Government guests, the 600 Pullman W100 Mercedes is a high-end luxury limousine that also gives heads of state a ride in style in the film “The Last King of Scotland” in 2006. It’s important to have such a car especially when it is prepared bulletproof, Forest Whitaker explained during his role as the most feared and hated dictator in the world, Idi Amin.

2017 Mercedes-AMG GLE43

Whether you’re a movie star or just an adventure lover, the AGG GLE43 shows that an SUV can be performance orientated and with its impressive performance specs everyone wants to get behind the wheel of this Merc.

2018 Mercedes-AMG GT R

Perfect for showing off your style when it comes to performance is the June released, a sleek sports car with an AMG Speedshift pared with a 4.0-litre V8 Biturbo engine that allows this Merc to reach from – to 60 mph in just over 3 seconds.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Luxury and Class meet Performance as the Mercedes-Benz E-Class outshines all completion in numerous ways. A fan-favourite as drivers get to customize this sedan to their liking and this spacious sedan can come in Piedmont Green, Dakota Brown, Obsidian Black and even Polar White to name only a few options.

Merc of the Future 2019 Mercedes-Benz CLS

Combining the versatility and comfort of a sedan with the feel and driving style of a coupe the brand-new Merc 2019 CLS offers an arching waistline, flat side window lines, sleek coupe stylings, and low greenhouse, along with less sharp lines and edges.

Mercedes-Benz feels that Justice League is the perfect partner to highlight its fascinating brand, Wonder Woman should be driving the E-Class Cabriolet and who better than Batman would be inclined to drive the AMG Vision Gran Turismo Mercedes-Benz.

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