The smallest car in the world Peel Trident also known as “bubble car”. This 3-wheel vehicle is one of 45 vehicles manufactured by Peel Engineering in 2 years.

Since 2014, this model has belonged to an American car collector. In 1964, the Trident model with only 79 cm wide seats, 2 seats ever debuted at the British motor show.

Chiêm ngưỡng chiếc ô tô nhỏ nhất thế giới Peel Trident

According to the manufacturer’s ad, the car has “car comfort at the expense of scooters”. Peel Engineering, until 2011, has produced both the P50 and Peel Trident as manual assemblies on orders with either petrol or electric engines.

The model mentioned in this article is actually the second model of Peel Engineering. The car was developed from the first product called Peel P50. This model was born in 1965 with a unique design of only 3 wheels.

The car is less than 1 meter wide and 1.8 meters long. The appearance of the car makes many people surprised and think of a Peel Trident ball, with a slender appearance like a car coming out of animated movies.

The powertrain used by the micro-car called the “bubble” Peel Trident uses a 49cc engine, producing 4.2 horsepower. This engine helps the car reach a maximum speed of 61 km / h, compared to the current cars, this number is quite serious.

Chiêm ngưỡng chiếc ô tô nhỏ nhất thế giới Peel Trident

However, the consolation is the fuel economy of the super-saving car, only 2.8 liters / 100 km. The tiny car Peel Trident only uses a 3-speed gearbox, without reverse gear like the P50 model. In addition, the small space with 2 seats and a convertible-style convertible top cum the door so the driver can push the car to the park when needed.

The Peel Trident possesses many advantages such as easily wriggling and finding parking, does not take much time to wash the car, change the tires simply and save fuel … However, the car is not lacking drawbacks, yes can not mention as inappropriate for tall people, quite struggling to carry 2 people.

In addition, the engine has a capacity of only 49cc but the noise is quite loud, the suspension is simple and the tires are too small, so the car is rated as unsafe. This model is only suitable for moving on flat roads in the city due to the 3-wheel structure so it is easy to overturn when traveling on bumpy roads.

Air pollution is likened to environmental experts like silent killers. Emissions from diesel engines in trucks, boats, equipment used in agriculture … seriously affect human health. According to the American Lung Association, dust from diesel engines causes about 15,000 children to die before adulthood each year in this country.

Facing the problem of air pollution and global warming, electric cars or electric cars with the advantages such as no exhaust fumes, no noise when circulation is considered as an organic solution. useful for environmental problems, replacing traditional gasoline vehicles.

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According to estimates by the International Energy Agency, if in 2016 the number of electric cars in the world is only about two million vehicles, by 2030, the number of electric vehicles will increase to 140 million vehicles. . In Europe, the campaign to replace gasoline and diesel cars pollutes the air with environmentally friendly vehicles being promoted.

The British government is considering policies to support people in the country to increase the use of bicycles and electric cars as their means of transport. This move stems from the situation of environmental pollution and the habit of lazy movement is threatening people’s health in this country.

In Europe, France is one of the leading countries in effective solutions to protect the environment. Since 2000, many major cities of France such as Paris, Lyon and Strasbourg have encouraged people to switch to electric vehicles.

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Many electric car rental stations are installed on French streets. With cheap fees, simple usage, even free for a certain amount of time, these automated stations have received a lot of sympathy from the people. Recently, the French government also pledged to ban the sale of gasoline and oil vehicles before 2040.

Like France, to reduce air pollution, Germany also encourages people to gradually shift to public transport and electric vehicles. Recently, the German Government has pledged to support 100 million Euro per year to develop a system of buses powered by electricity and natural gas. At the same time, the German government also provides financial support to cities and taxi firms to switch to the use of electric vehicles.