Germany is the cradle of the automobile industry, the birthplace and the foundation of the development of the world automobile industry. As Europe’s largest economy, Germany contributes greatly to the prosperity of the old continent. The country tops the region with more than 110 billionaires of dollars.

With over 80 millions people and owning many leading brands in the world, Germany is famous for its product quality. In 2017, according to Statista’s survey and research with nearly 50,000 people, goods are stamped with “Made in Germany” with the highest reliability with an absolute score of 100.

Since birth, the Germans have always led the car segment to the global. Market share reached 80% in 2018, according to ResearchandMarket data, far ahead of many rivals Japan or America. In which BMW occupies an overwhelming market share in Europe, the most rigorous place in the world is typically the withdrawal of automakers to Japan.

Another testament to the leadership of the German auto industry, if you pay attention to the reality of the world’s largest luxury firms. Most are born in the UK, but are run by Germans. Like how Rolls-Royce is under BMW. Beneath the traditional classic is a series of the most modern technology in the world that has been put on the Rolls-Royce news.

The key to quality is that German firms are very limited in assembling outside Europe. If so, it must meet very strict standards. For example, the most important parts such as chassis, engines, and drives are mostly made in Germany. After that, spare parts are assembled on site or shipped components to factories around the world and produced a finished car. This is the reason that every German brand car is always appreciated for operation as well as safety.

“The quality of German cars has been proven for hundreds of years. It will be good if you are interested in differences, class and safety of yourself. Each German firm has its own way to conquer. For example, like feeling of driving, passion for speed and being rich in personality, you should choose BMW.